Those who have never worn a belt pack bag cannot understand its amazing versatility! Wearing a belt pack is much more than wearing a symbol, which is a real synonym of comfort. The belt pack bag is an accessory that manages to convey to the wearer a unique feeling of safety and reliability. Everything is at hand, ready for any eventuality.

Belt packs have always been one of the most popular accessories for men and their sense of practicality. But what if they were much more than this?

Every men's belt pack that you can find on the Emporium Italy Online Shop comes from the Italian mastery in working real leather with a single goal: to create an unforgettable accessory. Just like all the other accessories in the shop, men's belt pack bags are the expression of a style that takes care of every detail. Every zipper, every pocket, every seam blend perfectly with the soul and with the aesthetic properties of genuine leather. That's why it takes very little to be conquered by the men's waist bag available in the store.

Today, the best stocked Online Shop with leather accessories is ready to show you some of the most fascinating models. Whatever way you can wear it... the waist packs have a charm of its own, ready to shine thanks to the quality of its materials!

The LUCAS model by MAESTRI is the demonstration that the style of the men's belt pack is far away from "classic". A mix of brown-colored fabric and buffered leather has created an irresistible design. Wearing this model is a double pleasure: style and comfort!


The DIEGO model is a wonderful black leather waist pack that conquers anyone who can appreciate the quality of its material. Each finishing enhances the style of this accessory.


Simply perfect and unconventional. Here's how to summarize the essence of the CORRADO model by RINO DOLFI. The minimal design of this honey-colored genuine leather belt pack enhances its practical character and unmistakable style!


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