A fashion accessory is defined as “vintage” when its finishing and details respect the excellent quality standards that have marked past historical periods and bring fashion iconic traits in the contemporary world. The vintage leather bags of our Online Shop are the perfect expression of the Italian craftsmanship of leather goods. They express the distinctive features of true vintage style, the one that will make your outfits comfortable and precious!

Handmade leather bags that express your vintage soul

Women's leather bags are the fashion accessories we love the most. Each model is handcrafted, and all our Italian leather bags guarantee the best quality to the slightest detail. The vintage soul of leather bags - which you will find in the dedicated category - will satisfy anyone, even the most refined and demanding styles because. In fact, we rely on the best artisans of Italian leather goods to guarantee excellent quality in the uniqueness of each creation. Your vintage bags are waiting for you at unbeatable prices, if you love the best vintage fashion accessories Emporium Italy will know how to make your every wish come true!

Leather vintage bag Mara by Chiaro Scuro

Excellent workmanship, refined and fashionable details, and a charming vintage soul are the elements that define Mara as one of the best vintage leather bags that you can find on our Online Shop. The softness of real leather will make you lose your mind with these Italian bags! Together with the unmistakable perfume of high-quality leather, you will experience the comfort and resistance of a handcrafted style accessory; start now to discover this and many other models among our vintage handcrafted leather bags!
vintage bag mara

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Leather vintage bag Iulia by Santini

Italian leather bags are the real fashion accessory that make your outfits unique. Emporium Italy provides you with the best design of fantastic artisans of Italian leather goods. The vintage bags Iulia, with its refined style and its stunning details, will give your outfits that unique touch that only the iconic features of a true vintage style can give you. The leather bags of this model and many others of our Online Shop will make you express your passion for the vintage world! The Online Shop of your leather bags is Emporium Italy. You’ll never go back!
vintage bag iulia

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Leather vintage bag Nadia by Santini

Unique style, vintage design, excellent quality leather and perfect handmade details are the truest essence of the vintage Nadia leather bags by Santini. Lines and colors are the perfect expression of the fashion of a bygone era, which is brought back to the current trends by style details! The Italian leather bags that you will find on the Emporium Italy Online Shop will leave you breathless because in each of them you will find the soul of true Made in Italy craftsmanship. Discover the Nadia leather bag and many other unmissable models at really affordable prices, be amazed by our quality!
vintage bag nadia

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Leather vintage bag Elina by Santini

For women who love vintage style and the most elegant leather bags, Elina vintage bag by Santini is the perfect choice. This fantastic model is born from the handcrafted Italian leather, suitable to make all the most elegant outfits perfect. Your handcrafted leather bags will become the most trusted companions of your outfits because you will no longer be able to give up their incredible quality and elegance. Emporium Italy loves real Italian leather, and each bag will guarantee you the experience of wearing a fashion accessory of the highest quality available in the world of leather goods. We are waiting for you on our Online Shop with this and many other Italian leather bags!
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