When you think of a trip, there are many things to organize. First of all, the choice for the best travel bag in order to get the maximum comfort when traveling without giving up your favorite fashion accessories. Depending on your destination, whether by the sea or to the mountains, and the duration of the trip, you will need a suitcase with specific features. Have you ever thought that a single leather travel bag could meet any need during your travels? Whether you travel for work or leisure, a travel leather bag will be the perfect companion to better face all your adventures. The comfortable and resistant leather travel bags from Emporium Italy will be with you during every trip.

Travel leather bags: a guarantee of style and comfort

From the most capacious ones to the most compact ones, the travel leather bags on our Online Shop will satisfy all your style needs by ensuring maximum comfort. There are many and different travel bags that you can buy on Emporium Italy. We make your choice easier by showing you three of the best-selling models in our online leather shop. Let's find out together the features of these fantastic models of leather bags to choose your perfect travel companion!

Leather travel bag Piave by Rino Dolfi

travel bag piave

The comfort of this travel leather bag is expressed by the 4 wheels that will allow you to bring it anywhere. In addition, the unique style of this leather bag will make your holiday or business trip experience even more beautiful, ensuring a charming look in all your accessories. Let's find out all the details of this unmissable travel leather bag!

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Leather travel bag Nilo by Rino Dolfi

travel bag nilo

If you love to travel without leaving your classic style at home, the Nilo travel leather bag by Rino Dolfi is the perfect companion. The unique style of the honey-colored buffered leather will be perfect for expressing your style. The adjustable shoulder strap will give you a comfortable travel experience due to the easy handling. Choose the quality of a capacious handcrafted bag with a unique style!

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Leather travel bag Reno by Rino Dolfi

travel bag reno

The Reno travel leather bag by Rino Dolfi is the perfect choice for your trip to a new city. Its size as hand luggage makes it the perfect travel bag to take on a trip out of town or live new beautiful adventures. The comfortable internal pockets for your accessories will ease the process of organizing everything you need to explore a new place; also the adjustable shoulder strap will allow you to choose the right size to guarantee maximum comfort. Discover all the details of this amazing handcrafted leather bag.

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Leather beauty case: essential travel bags

To best complete your travel bag set, you must have a look at the fantastic beauty cases available on our Online Shop. These travel bags for your precious accessories are made with the best quality of Italian leathers! Design your unforgettable travel experience; rely on our experience in the field of the best leather accessories to get the travel bag, or beauty case, that you desire. Don't give up on your style when you discover a new city or face an important business trip, it will make a difference!