For some years, the magic of the bag that becomes a backpack has been celebrated on the most important stages of fashion world. 2020 Summer season will be the definitive consecration. The leather bag that becomes a classic bag or backpack is a really smart style accessory. It allows you to be ready for any situation; this kind of bag is not just functional but also absolutely fashionable. In fact, the rhythm of our daily lives requires versatility. Having a bag that becomes a backpack makes your outfits comfortable and capable of being perfect in any situation, from the most elegant to the “easiest” ones!

Women's backpack bags: finesse or comfort? 

Have you ever wondered how to combine the comfort of a handy light bag and the charm of a perfect accessory in the most elegant situations? Guess what is the trend to come for this 2020 Summer season? The bag that becomes a backpack is the perfect solution for your style! Every woman will finally be able to feel at ease on any occasion thanks to her handmade leather backpack bag, which ensures maximum comfort and a unique and fashionable style. Emporium Italy has discovered these unmissable models, and today you can shop a wide range of designs and colors of women's backpack bags on our Online Store. Let's find out two models of the bag that becomes a backpack that you can no longer give up!

Monte Nevis leather backpack bag by Emporio Titano

monte levis leather backpack bag

The soft leather of Emporio Titano Monte Nevis backpack bag will leave you breathless as soon as you touch it with your own hands! Available in different colors, you can choose the style that most belongs to your outfits. You’ll be able to adapt your handcrafted leather bag to every need. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the comfort and elegance of a backpack bag that will mark the PE2020 fashion, visit the store to find out all the details!

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Ortles leather backpack bag by Maestri

ortles leather backpack bag

The design’s versatility and freshness of Ortles leather backpack bag by Maestri are just waiting to be discovered by you. Make your wardrobe ready for any style choices! Fashionable colors, comfort, unique style and great attention to all the details are the main features of this beautiful bag that becomes a backpack, available on our Online Shop in different colors. Give yourself a gift and choose your Italian leather backpack bag that will be with you in this beautiful 2020 summer season!

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Men's backpack bags: versatility or elegance?

Do you know what your style needs are to always feel comfortable on any occasion? From our great experience in the leather goods sector, we can say that what a man needs for his accessories. The most fashionable solution to meet all these needs is the bag that becomes a backpack in all its male versions. Every man can finally give that touch of elegance to his outfits with a leather bag of excellent quality and ensure the maximum agility and comfort with a carefree and fun leather backpack; all this in one incredible fashion accessory! Let's go together to discover two of the iconic models of men's fashion when it comes to the bag that becomes a backpack.

Bernina leather backpack bag by Delia Rei

bernina leather backpack bag

For those who love simplicity, sober details and comfort, the Bernina leather backpack bag by Delia Rei is the perfect accessory. It ensures elegance and incredible resistance over time. This is what a man backpack bag should guarantee once it becomes part of your every outfit. Discover the fantastic offer to give your style an unmatched touch of fashion!

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Maestri Everest leather backpack bag

everest leather backpack bag

When it comes to classic style, we must mention the Everest leather backpack bag by Maestri. This bag is made with real Italian leather, which is handcrafted by the best leather experts. This bag becomes a backpack and it will be the perfect companion for your daily adventures. In a single fashion accessory, you will find everything you have always desired, you just have to discover all the fantastic details of this leather backpack bag on our Online Shop!

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