Are you looking for a woman bag that will add a touch of style and uniqueness to your outfit? Emporium Italy Online Shop is the perfect place to find the best fashion accessory for you, thanks to our wide choice of leather bags. The shoulder bags we have selected will leave you speechless! Discover all the deals we have set for you to boost your style!

Leather bags to revolutionize your look

As you know, handcrafted leather bags are unique style accessories. The craftsmen who make the leather bags of our Online Shop follow the most traditional techniques in order to guarantee the highest quality of Made in Italy mastery. If you want to add some fashion to your wardrobe, choose the Emporium Italy leather bag to satisfy the desire of revolutionizing your style! Let's discover 3 shoulder bag models among the most appreciated ones.

Shoulder bag Clery by Delia Rei

leather shoulder bag clery

For the minimal design lovers, the Clery shoulder bag by Delia Rei is the perfect choice, thanks to its capacity and great management of its spaces. The zip that divides the two compartments of this shoulder bag adds additional capacity to this bag that will never leave you without space. Together with its functionality, the Clery leather bag can be easily matched with many outfits due to its simple and elegant shape!

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Leather shoulder bag Adelina by Chiaro Scuro

leather shoulder bag adelina

The leather shoulder bag Adelina by Chiaro Scuro will complete your look with a vintage flavor. The printed sauvage leather will make your everyday outfits amazing by guaranteeing you great versatility and comfort at any time of the day. The adjustable shoulder strap and the several internal pockets make this shoulder bag the perfect combination of fine style and functionality. Like all the Emporium Italy leather bags, the Adelina model is also made with top-quality materials and care for detail; let yourself be amazed by Italian excellence!

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Leather bag Charlotte by Delia Rei

leather shoulder bag charlotte

The Charlotte model by Delia Rei is a fantastic leather shoulder bag to give elegance to your best outfits. Its precious details make it unique and capable of making the greatest moments of your life unforgettable. From the experience of the master craftsmen who handcrafted this shoulder bag, the Charlotte model will revolution your style!

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This is the time to discover all the perfect women's leather bags for you!

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