The Italian territory has always been the world reference point for the creation of handmade leather bags, both from a production point of view and, in particular, for everything related to style and trends, fashions. The evolution of technology in the leather bag sector has opened up new horizons for a constantly changing market, but the knowledge and experience of artisans remains the cornerstone of a timeless art.

Whether we talk about leather bags or other accessories, what unites handcrafted productions resides in an excellent Italian quality, sometimes incomparable, obtained thanks to the using the best leathers and an almost obsessive attention to details. Emporium Italy, thanks to the deep experience gained in the selection of leather handbags brands for men and women, selects for its customers only handmade bags made with top quality leather and rigorously Made in Italy.

Our Online Shop offers the best choice of leather bags for men and women leather bags on the market, offering its customers the expertise and experience of a staff that will be able to recommend the perfect accessory to complete their style. You can no longer renounce the perfume of our leather bags to match your best outfits.

Handcrafted leather bags, why choose them?

Lovers of fashion and exclusive accessories cannot forgot the best handcrafted leather bags in their wardrobe to make every outfit unique. The reasons for choosing genuine Italian leather bags are many and all surprising, let's go and discover them together:

A leather bag is unique

Each handbag model made with top quality Italian leather is recognized by the naturalness of its "veins" and “grain” that make it unique in its kind. In fact, every leather accessory or bag is unique, not only in the expression of a well defined style, but because it has characteristics that cannot be replicated on several models since they are typical of the material used for its production. This peculiarity guarantees that the choice of a handcrafted leather bag will make your outfits truly unique.

The soul of a leather bag is told in the seams and its unmistakable scent, perfume of Italian leather.

What contributes to the exclusivity of a handcrafted leather bag lies in the attention to detail in the stitching and in the typical scent of the first choice leathers. These features contribute to the story of your leather accessory and help you express your true personality. If the scent of leather is an intrinsic characteristic of Italian leather it is also a fashion material, the care of stitching and details is the result of the experience of our Artisans Brands who dedicate their lives to the creation of models designed to take your breath away from anyone wear. You will no longer be able to give up the style and quality of the leather bag that will become part of your wardrobe.

An excellent quality of our leather bags guarantees unparalleled resistance over time

One of the most important features that define the quality of a handcrafted leather bag lies in the guarantee of an unthinkable wear resistance for any other material. Choosing a bag in real leather made with the best materials and by expert artisans, guarantees that you can combine your outfits with the best possible fashion accessory for more than 10 years. You will never have to worry about the delicacy of your bag because the leather of your accessory will withstand any adventure you face in life.

The selection of leather bags that you will find on our online Shop Emporium Italy are quality products that is the most important features that every leather bag made by us must have. The materials used for these artisan productions are of the highest quality and our Artisan Brand we have chosen boast an experience consolidated over time combined with a taste, always in line with the latest fashion trends.

The style of a handmade leather bag never goes out of fashion

The ability to last over time without losing its characteristics and the ever present taste typical of a leather accessory, makes these bags real life companion. The different styles and the numerous models on the Online Shop of Emporium Italy will satisfy the most diverse tastes, always offering excellent quality and attention to detail, typical of the best handmade leather bags Made in Italy.

To simplify your shopping experience, our staff is at your complete disposal to help you choose the perfect model for your style and advise you on the latest trends in leather bags. To receive all the information on our products, write to [email protected], call 0549-992307 or contact us on WhatsApp at +393357331007.

A quality leather bag is the result of the experience of a true Artisan

To be able to define yourself as an excellent quality, a leather bag must express all the features we have been talking about until now, but to be able to do it in the best way it is essential that the realization of this handmade product be followed by true Artisan Brands. The Italian the school of artisans producing leather bags is one of the most important in the world, if not the most important, so all the products we have carefully selected are strictly made with Italian leathers.

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