The sun will warm our day, so our mind goes to the new summer outfits! We introduce you to the best models of handcrafted leather bags available on our Online Shop. We have selected some bags that will set the trend of this 2020 Spring-Summer. Make every moment unforgettable with the excellence of leather bags made by expert craftsmen who take care of every single detail.

Leather bags for women: choose your style

Which woman does not dream of the soft and elegant charm of a genuine Italian leather bag? Emporium Italy wants to satisfy all women’s desires by making them wear a unique trending accessory! The selection of women's leather bags on our Online Shop has been created to meet the most diverse style choices and to provide the best quality. Emporium Italy’s affordable prices and excellent quality will make you choose our Online Shop whenever you need the best stylish accessories! Let's discover the models that will mark the trend of this Spring-Summer season.

Leather shoulder bags: discover your new style companion

If you are looking for is a style companion for any occasion, leather shoulder bags are a perfect choice. The design of our leather bags will satisfy every style choice. Do not forget that the summer season to come will give us many colors, which you can use to create new combinations with your outfits and express your personality. Visit the section of our Online Shop dedicated to leather shoulder bags. Here’s a little preview with our soft leather bag Charlotte by Delia Rei:

leather bag charlotte

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Vintage leather bags: your style at the center of each day

Does the uniqueness and finesse of the vintage style express the soul of your charm? If so, the 2020 summer trend is just waiting for you because vintage leather bags will be the must-haves of the best outfits! Patterns, colors and designs of our vintage bags are the perfect choice to wear an accessory with precious details every day. They’re capable of highlighting the care and research you put into your every outfit! Do not give up your passion for vintage, this 2020 will be the right opportunity to live it to the fullest. Discover all the new models we have selected for you. Here’s a preview of the wonderful vintage bag in real leather, Andrea by Chiaro Scuro:

leather vintage bag andrea

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Leather clutch bags: the comfort of elegant minimalism

When you need to add elegance and a touch of minimal style to your outfit the leather clutch bags are a perfect choice. They are handcrafted by our master craftsmen. The elegance of minimalism will be one of the file rouge of the world of fashion! Complete your style with the perfect accessory to enhance your charm with unique details. All our clutch bags in real leather are waiting for you on the Online Shop. If you need just one more reason to discover them all, here is the clutch bag Emilia by Chiaro Scuro:

leather clutch bag emilia

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Leather backpack bags: choose the trend of world fashion

For those who love fresh fashion that knows how to combine style and comfort, handmade leather backpacks are the perfect choices. Emporium Italy’s selection will give your wardrobe and your style a unique accessory of its kind. You can choose to use your backpack bag as a bag where more elegance is required, while you can take advantage of its backpack version whenever comfort and simplicity are needed! Don't miss the opportunity to add the real leather backpack bag to your wardrobe and make every situation. As soon as you see our leather backpack Monte Leone by Maestri you can no longer do without it:

leather bagpack monte leone

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