A leather bag is made up of numerous elements that contribute to making it one of the most precious style accessories that a fashion lover can have in his wardrobe. If the leathers used are a fundamental element to define the quality of a leather bag, the experience of master craftsmen is fundamental to give life to unique and great style model.

The first choice starts from the type leathers need, example, cow leather o goat skin, without forgetting crocodile, or Python leather, and the passing to the production that requires meticulous need for detail that only a expert artisan can guarantee, thank to their experience in the making of handmade leather bags.

Our Online Shop Emporium Itay offers a wide range of handmade bags and accessories made by our best Italian Artisan Brands. Our objective is to offer the best quality on the market offering are continual research in design that appeal’s to our customers in their variable tastes using our consolidated experience regarding fashion leather.

Lets discover the origin of the materials used in making artisan made handbags

The leathers normally used by our Artisan Brands are bovine because are particularly useful for the making of the numerous type and models. Even Python leathers and crocodile leathers are particularly appreciated by our artisans and by fashion lovers, because the consent the fabricate handbags particularly fashion orientated.

Bovine skin

This type of material is perfect for making leather bags and durable accessories, such as work or travel bags, but it is also particularly suitable for stylish bags characterized by a decisive and wrinkled tactile experience Vintage Old Style leather. The handmade bags made with this leather are the most resistant that you can buy and will satisfy your every need for comfort and style. Also in the latest evolution the Italian Leather makers have introduced many new colors, such as red, blue, pink, green, tiffany turquoise leather, that make our woman’s Italian Artisan handbags become fashion leather handbags. All very unique.

Italian Boivin soft leather

The origin of these skins defines their unlike the bovine ones, in this case they are often made smaller leather bags such as men’s and woman’s cross body bags given the greater value of this material. Bovini soft hammered leather bags can be recognized by appreciating the softness and the smooth surface and also by the sweet perfume that only Italian leather has, that makes every hand bag produced a small “state of the art”.

Python leather

Python leather bags are considered the emblem of elegance and refinement fashion leather.. The skins used for these models are unique in their kind for style and value, in fact every bag made with this material will always be unique because there will never be a skin equal to the other. Along with the aesthetic characteristics, python leather expresses its value also in its ability to be easily shaped to even the smallest and most precious accessories such as woman’s and men’s wallets and belts . All of our python leather hand bags and accessory are made from CITES certified leathers. The python womans leather bags make every outfit elegant, giving an elegant and personal touch that you won't be able to give up.

Crocodile skin

When we talk about the finest leather most exclusive leather one can only think of crocodile skin leather to which make belts for men and women. This material is the maximum expression of uniqueness and exclusiveness. Its processing requires a great deal of experience and meticulous attention to detail to ensure an excellent realization of all our belts. All in our crocodile leather belts are made with CITES certified leathers. Our Artisan Santini, has been selected for our Online Shop, and it is the only one able to ensure that you wear an absolute quality crocodile belt. Choosing among your belts models, you will bring your style to an irresistible, unique level of elegance.

Each leather defines the style of a leather bag

The choice of the perfect material leather for your leather bag and belt and wallet accessory’s will define your allowing you to express your personality in every detail in a very long lasting maner. From italian bovine hard leathers ( Cow) and or Bovine soft hammered (cow ) leathers with which the most various models of handmade bags are made to satisfy every style and every need of practicality and comfort to the most sought after and precious ones produced using python and crocodile leathers. By discovering our models and imagining them combined with your style, you will be able to dream of making your clothing perfect for any occasion without ever giving up expressing your true personality.

Your shopping experience will never have been so pleasant because our staff and Riccardo is at your complete disposal to make your choice a true indelible memory. To receive all the information on our products, write to [email protected], call 0549-992307 or contact us on WhatsApp at +393357331007.

How to appreciate real leather bags?

When you want an authentic Italian handcrafted leather bag, pay attention to some details to avoid buying a synthetic leather bag without realizing it. It is very simple to make sure that the one you are buying is a genuine leather bag, in fact it is sufficient to check that the bag is grainy to the touch and that those imperfections typical of genuine leather are present; the perfect bags can never be made of real leather because one of the features of these models lies precisely in the imperfection that defines the uniqueness of each hand-made leather bag. Another unmistakable element is the typical smell of real leather, also known as leather perfume, none commonly as the Italian leather Parfume which you can appreciate simply by holding the bag you are about to buy in your hands and use you nose and enjoy the sweet smell of Italian Leather. At Emporium Italy, we have always guaranteed our customers a careful selection of models all leather bags rigorously handmade in Italy to ensure the excellence of the best quality on the market.

By visiting our Online Shop, you can discover all the latest models of leather bags for men and women among a wide range of proposals that will satisfy your style.

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