Finding your own style isn't always that simple. It can take years, seasons, many outfits ... or just visit one of the categories of the Emporium Italy Online Shop! Dreaming about a crossbody bag is not enough to understand if it is the one for you. Before choosing it, you will have to understand its style, appreciate its details and get it on your hands in order to feel all the pleasure that only the real leather can give you. In short, everything you can only have from the most stocked online store ever for genuine leather accessories!

Women's leather crossbody bags from Emporium Italy, in fact, can satisfy every style. However, they are united by the same identical passion, which the master craftsmen have expressed through the creation of these Made in Italy models.

There are many different models of crossbody bags... have you ever thought that each style of bag can be adapted to different occasions and uses?
Today, we can take a look at some of the bags in the shop to give you that spark of inspiration that every outfit needs!

The SONIA by MAESTRI woman leather bag bordeaux is a practical and elegant model. It is perfect for combination with other accessories of your outfits and for giving an extra boost to your casual style choices!

borsa a tracolla donna in pelle rosso bordeaux

For those looking for practicality and simplicity, TECLA by CHIAROSCURO is pure perfection. With the Made in Italy care for the slightest details, you will be amazed by the refinement and style that this bag can give you.

borsa a tracolla donna in pelle bianca e marrone

Why not dare? ELAINE by RINO DOLFI is made for this! A combination of colors plays with the practicality of an amazing bag. Your days will never be the same again!


Here is a model dedicated to true lovers of crossbody bags! SILVIA by SANTINI is the right choice for those who want to get out of the usual accessories. Enjoy the softness of this "double" bag!


Simplicity requires perfection! That's why REBECCA di RINO DOLFI has conquered the hearts of many crossbody bags lovers. Only the Italian attention to detail has made possible the creation of such a fine and fascinating bag.

borsa a tracolla donna in pelle bianca

Any occasion can become the right one to wear your crossbody bag! Make sure you always have only the best of Made in Italy craftsmanship with you and enjoy the pleasure of wearing the genuine leather that only the Emporium Italy Online Shop can give you!